What Did I Just Drink?! Tasting Most Expensive Coffee on Earth!

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On this episode of Adventures With Me, we're taking you to the Brave Brewhouse where Mark will be tasting Kopi Luwak! What is Kopi Luwak, you might ask?! Well.. it's coffee made from Civet cat p00p and it's one of the most expensive coffees on Earth! Get ready to watch Mark taste test p00p coffee in a battle royale of the coffees!

Thank you to Kaya Kopi for assisting us with this episode! Want to try it for yourself?! Head to their website: bit.ly/trykopiluwak
And another big thank you to Beca House! Check out their website to purchase their coffee: bit.ly/trybecahouse
Lastly, thank you to the talented Meredith Joyce-Houghton for providing us with the amazing illustrations in the episode!
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    this is a mark episode, so coyote wouldnt be here. coyote will be in the other specific videos.

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