MONSTER Sockeye Catch!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew set off to catch a MONSTER Sockeye in the wilds of Alaska!
In quite possibly their grandest adventure to date, prepare to witness the Brave Wilderness team face icy rains, blustering wind and freezing cold water all in an attempt to get the cameras up close to Alaska’s most iconic fish, the Sockeye Salmon!
Oh and did we mention Coyote will attempt to catch one using nothing more than a common fishing net?! That’s right, this adventures success all hinges on Coyote’s ability to pull off a nearly impossible fish capture…will he be up to the task?
Either way get ready to dive in with some MONSTER Sockeye!

HUGE THANKS to Greg and Joe for making this episode possible. Please check out their incredible Alaskan guide services by visiting their website here -
*This video was filmed under permit SF2016-211 granted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Dip netting for Salmon is prohibited in the state of Alaska without expressed permission, please do not attempt to recreate what you’ve seen in this video.

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