GOLDEN TROUT - Animal Crossing's Rare Fish?

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In this episode, Coyote and the crew are in West Virginia at the Smoke Hole Resort to meet a special fish! The Golden Rainbow Trout has a unique gold coloring, and Coyote is going to tell you exactly WHY this fish has such a vivid color! Get ready to learn all about the history of the incredible Golden Trout!
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Thank you to Tim Brust for assisting us on this adventure!

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    it looks yummy👁👄👁

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    In nz iv cort a 9.5 pound ranbow trowt

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    Me playing animal crossing: I want to catch this.

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    Hey coyote uhhhhhhh oh ya! Can you get the old intro back please!

  5. Gabriel Madrid

    Gabriel Madrid15 hari yang lalu

    The golden trout in animal crossing is different from that. That is a palomino. The Golden Trout is rarely found anywhere besides California. If you search up a picture of both, you’ll see that they are completely different. But great catch anyways! I would rather catch a palomino than a Golden Trout.

  6. Luna Morningstar Blaze

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    I wonder if you can actually eat it

  7. themantbone23

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    Palomino Trout are definitely stocked in other states. I know they are in Pennsylvania and Arkansas at least.

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    I love your videos

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    Your videos are so engaging. Keep it up Coyote!

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    do more vedios

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    : } great video and great information about the golden rainbow trout, i had no clue about the golen trout lhke this.

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    Tag someone who woud not catch a fish there

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    Idk what he’s talking about special to West Virginia because in RI they always throw a few in at selected locations

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    They should have been called the mango trout when I see it it reminds me of a super ripe mango.

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    I lived there

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    For the record this is a palomino trout.

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    What a beautiful creature.. Fish are so gorgeous. Such underrated beauty

  27. Mike Evans

    Mike EvansBulan Yang lalu

    These fish aren't wild. They exist only because of breeding. The real golden trout are in the Sierra Nevada and are native to the upper kern river and its tributaries. Looks nothing like that. Those are lighting trout or palomino. Thanks for the misinformation. Ha

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    He is so brave!!!

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    “I caught a golden trout! But the real treasure? Friendship!”

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    Was he running a dry fly or a nymph

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    Definitely not a golden trout. Palomino is what you're looking for

  39. Elizabeth Vandecoevering

    Elizabeth VandecoeveringBulan Yang lalu

    I think Golden Rainbow Trouts due to their coloration could make good aquatic pets to be kept huge recreation ponds that are large and deep enough for up to more than a hundred Golden Rainbow Trouts to live in.

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    i love evry single vid and i really hope u guy's are doing okay in this covid nightmare happy new years over the year i have lerned more about animales than i ever thought i could i am only 7 so my speling is a bit off but i really hope u post agein soon :)

  43. Rika Roleplay

    Rika Roleplay2 bulan yang lalu

    Golden Rainbow trout was being sold at my local supermarket for a few months, then never again. Are they really that uncommon?

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    I caught a Yellow Trout at my local grocery store the other day! Delicious!

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    That’s not a golden trout

  46. Magic One

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    Used to catch golden trout ( California golden trout ) in a small creek coming from Bogus basin ski area outside of Boise Idaho. This was back in the late 70's. Never caught or seen any over 10 inches. Good eating fish, meat like salmon, very pink in color. To he best of my knowledge it's not a native species.

  47. Smekk

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    Fun fact: there’s two different golden trout, while the golden rainbow trout is rarer, the Californian golden trout is the one from animal crossing

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    Brave Wilderness can you try to catch hook jaw salmon

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    There is golden trout in utah

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    Not a golden trout, stop lying to people

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    From where I’m from we call them lighting Trout

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    Real golden rainbow trout from the Sierra Nevada mountains are way more interesting and not selectively made. Do those "golden rainbows have flesh that is salmon color? The ones in the Sierra Nevada do.

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    You can only hold on to these for a couple seconds. Holds on to it for several minutes.


    DJ LAUNCH3 bulan yang lalu

    in Danmark we also hav golden trout in put and takes

  63. Mary Potter

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    The rarest living animal crossing fish is the golden trout. But the true rarest fish is actually the prehistoric coelacanth! Thank you for reading, goodbye!

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    Those may have been developed in Idaho. Snake River Trout Company had them in the 60's.

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    Is there an actual equivalent of a shiny Pokemon in animals? Rare pigmentation anomaly perhaps?

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  96. Jirred Vang

    Jirred Vang3 bulan yang lalu

    The correct name would be lightning trout, I fish myself and live in California home to the actual Golden trout (oncorhynchus aguabonita) and dislike the term golden trout since it causes confusion. These golden are trout are a lot less rare now since they are stocked all over the country by every states department of fish and game

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