Finding Creepy Jungle Creatures!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Mark and Mario take you night herping to find some creepy jungle creatures in the rainforests of Costa Rica! PLUS - along the way they'll show you their tips and tricks for lighting a scene at night with special equipment from Light & Motion.
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  1. Danita Englund

    Danita EnglundHari Yang lalu

    Morio; let ag the snake. Me; what the heck let's go home NOW

  2. Danita Englund

    Danita EnglundHari Yang lalu

    I ment morio let bag the snake

  3. Janaya Henry

    Janaya HenryHari Yang lalu

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    Adriyana Wilis3 hari yang lalu

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    Shalaunda Brown5 hari yang lalu

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  12. PoPartKing

    PoPartKing13 hari yang lalu

    Arizona is crazy they normally get tarantulas and giant cockroaches the biggest spiders and cockroaches we have are like 2 inches

  13. Roblox Gamers

    Roblox Gamers15 hari yang lalu

    This is so cool. I love the fact he picks up a frog and it screams and Mario is like” AwW He iS tAlKiNg tO mE” that was hilarious!

  14. Chita Nunez

    Chita Nunez20 hari yang lalu

    Nice vid lol keep up the good work man

  15. OverRidingRiot66

    OverRidingRiot6621 hari yang lalu

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  16. Luz Camey De Wierzbicki

    Luz Camey De Wierzbicki21 hari yang lalu

    i tink i should be a member of the crew. litteraly, i have put a praying mantis on my face several times. - your biggest fan, Sarah

  17. Luz Camey De Wierzbicki

    Luz Camey De Wierzbicki21 hari yang lalu

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  23. Panda KilledZ

    Panda KilledZ29 hari yang lalu

    muffled screaming as I saw the roach, mind screaming "kill it kill it kill it!" but suddenly as it was over I whispered, "you guys are weird. I love it"

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    Mark TaylorBulan Yang lalu

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    jayden parkerBulan Yang lalu

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  34. :::prolegend151 the chaos:::

    :::prolegend151 the chaos:::2 bulan yang lalu

    title of video: finding creepy jungle animals first animal found cute frog

  35. :::prolegend151 the chaos:::

    :::prolegend151 the chaos:::2 bulan yang lalu

    the big roach/dad roach looks like a tick that sucked to much blood and didnt explode

  36. Shreyosi Gayen Class-V sec- D roll no-25

    Shreyosi Gayen Class-V sec- D roll no-252 bulan yang lalu

    Mario, Mark and Coyote I know everything you like. Where and why. I would love to talk to the brave crew.I love arachnids. I am eleven years old and I live in India.


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  54. Adonis Zuccarelli

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    Mark Perkins3 bulan yang lalu

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