Ancient Fish has NEEDLE LIKE Teeth!

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On this episode, Coyote and Mario are in West Virginia at Green Bottom Swamp to find a Bowfin! This ancient fish also has some NEEDLE-LIKE teeth! Get ready to see us use a tactic we've never used on the Brave Wilderness channel, all to meet this swamp monster!
Big thank you to wildlife expert Tim Brust for joining us on this adventure!
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  1. BigJamesey

    BigJameseyHari Yang lalu

    I live in the adirondacjs of New York near lake Champlain that's a small one here

  2. AmericanPride

    AmericanPride2 hari yang lalu

    I’ve caught 3 before.

  3. keenan holcomb

    keenan holcomb3 hari yang lalu

    easy to catch if you’re in the right place. top water frog 🤌🏻

  4. d D

    d D5 hari yang lalu

    I have had to use pliers to get the hook out of many of Bowfin im confused you can set the hook in them

  5. Ace Undead

    Ace Undead6 hari yang lalu

    I love catching dogfish/bowfin. The fight is incredible, the taste and texture when fried up is so delicious and tender. I need to get my fishing license asap.

  6. Minnows to Monsters

    Minnows to Monsters8 hari yang lalu

    You can definitely sink the hook in a bowfin, just need the right equipment, I've never had one just hold the bait, using a good rod with enough backbone is the key to setting that hook in their mouth 😆

  7. 261 fan

    261 fan10 hari yang lalu

    Me: wtf is that cast

  8. 261 fan

    261 fan10 hari yang lalu

    Coyote: today we are featuring a tactic we have never used before! Me: oooooo I wanna see this Coyote: a fishing pole Me: did I hear him right? Your a wildlife channel that has been in existence for over 5 years and you haven’t even used a fishing pole!!! Jesus

  9. Shaun Bang

    Shaun Bang20 hari yang lalu

    Are these bowfin related to celicanths? The mouth and the way the whole skull is like one armored brick of a head reminds me of celicanth

  10. The Suburban Fisherman

    The Suburban Fisherman27 hari yang lalu

    I’ve caught a few on my channel they’re prolly my favorite fish to catch besides flathead

  11. Kana Beats

    Kana BeatsBulan Yang lalu

    those skulls are insane

  12. Norma Ramos

    Norma RamosBulan Yang lalu

    I think that is such a cool fish but the alagator gar was scaryer

  13. Bryan Sanchez

    Bryan SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    Lol I just cought one lol

  14. Jeremy BlackWater

    Jeremy BlackWater2 bulan yang lalu

    These are my favorite fish to catch. Got me off bass. 😆

  15. A Brown

    A Brown3 bulan yang lalu

    Do you like to fish coyote

  16. HeX MIntY _

    HeX MIntY _3 bulan yang lalu

    Snake head

  17. TheRealFraen

    TheRealFraen3 bulan yang lalu

    I thought they also had retractable teeth

  18. Rose The Hat

    Rose The Hat3 bulan yang lalu

    Don’t fish hooks hurt the fish? I used to go fishing, but after researching and finding out that fish feel pain and stress similarly to humans, I quit.

  19. Layla Puppy Lover

    Layla Puppy Lover3 bulan yang lalu

    Turn on captions at 5:52. I'm dying.

  20. Agrios Mullins

    Agrios Mullins3 bulan yang lalu

    Come to Iowa... I caught a 34” bowfin this summer. She was a beast

  21. Jose Suh

    Jose Suh3 bulan yang lalu

    Did you chopped this fish head

  22. Tom Bellanuovo

    Tom Bellanuovo3 bulan yang lalu

    I think I'm crying. It's that splendid

  23. Ben Padrick

    Ben Padrick3 bulan yang lalu

    Unfortunately many people confuse the bowfin for the highly invasive snakehead and kill them

  24. Sakith Samaratunga

    Sakith Samaratunga4 bulan yang lalu

    pritty much of a dinosour

  25. Tahira ishrat

    Tahira ishrat4 bulan yang lalu

    wowwwww its sooooooooo amazing

  26. fish

    fish4 bulan yang lalu

    That bowfin is a female, the males have a dot on their tail

  27. Marisa DeSanti

    Marisa DeSanti4 bulan yang lalu

    This fish is truly a swamp demon SWAMP KING

  28. MrSyaidi

    MrSyaidi4 bulan yang lalu

    It is snakehead family.

  29. Son Of Thunder

    Son Of Thunder4 bulan yang lalu

    Primitive fish... I thought it was going to look crazy just looks like a typical fish

  30. Chasing Fish!

    Chasing Fish!4 bulan yang lalu

    Coyote Peterson: Struggles to catch a bowfin. 618 Fishing: catches bowfins after bowfins spillway fishing

  31. Crungus Brigg

    Crungus Brigg4 bulan yang lalu

    Bowfin are so fun to catch. They are such hard fighters. One thing that makes me sad is that many fishermen in my area kill bowfin because they think they’re invasive but in actuality, they’re native to our land.

  32. Brenda Bass

    Brenda Bass4 bulan yang lalu

    Lmao i have a bowfin pond 10 mins away from my house. They're not that hard to catch. But yes they can be difficult to set the hook on.

  33. Genevieve Barrette

    Genevieve Barrette5 bulan yang lalu

    Can you go fishing more .I love it.

  34. Attila Odor

    Attila Odor5 bulan yang lalu

    It’s a delicious fish but the meat is very mushy.

  35. Darin Sath

    Darin Sath5 bulan yang lalu

    Your not too far from VA and MD, feature you some Nothern Snakehead!!

  36. Jessewayne79

    Jessewayne795 bulan yang lalu

    they are all over southeast Texas. Ive caught many of them. They put up one heck of a fight.

  37. Phil Adams

    Phil Adams5 bulan yang lalu

    I count it one it was 49 inc long

  38. BAY35

    BAY355 bulan yang lalu

    These are genuinely one of my favorite fish to catch. Caught one that was 31" when I was 12 or 13 and it almost pulled me in lol

  39. Stephen The Fish

    Stephen The Fish5 bulan yang lalu

    Those fish are fun to catch i have caught many and my biggest is 7lb 8oz

  40. Evan Lucas

    Evan Lucas5 bulan yang lalu

    I caught one of these before in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania. We spent 2 hours trying to identify wtf we just caught (before internet capable cellphones). We thought it was a muskee but it didn't match. Eventually we landed on the bowfin identifier and were fascinated.

  41. Josh Peters

    Josh Peters5 bulan yang lalu

    That’s actually a pretty young bowfin still

  42. Aleksandrs Strelits Strele

    Aleksandrs Strelits Strele5 bulan yang lalu

    i miss the old intro a little ;-;

  43. Ima-cheesepuff Gaming

    Ima-cheesepuff Gaming5 bulan yang lalu

    This is how much people wants coyote to fish more👇

  44. K R

    K R5 bulan yang lalu

    Good ol Amia calva

  45. Turan Sağlık

    Turan Sağlık5 bulan yang lalu

    bok gibi olmuş

  46. Nightmare Unleash

    Nightmare Unleash5 bulan yang lalu

    Shows coyote a fishing poll Coyote “ummm what is that?”

  47. Finn Donohue

    Finn Donohue6 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah he finally went fishing with a rod yah☺️

  48. LJ Ruth

    LJ Ruth6 bulan yang lalu

    I was once told by my dad to lip that fish like a bass....I still have a bad scar to this day!!!

  49. Jay Cube

    Jay Cube6 bulan yang lalu

    Let's take a moment to respect that this man has never clickbaited us.

  50. Crazy_Ear

    Crazy_EarBulan Yang lalu

    You copied the most popular comment-

  51. Hisham

    Hisham6 bulan yang lalu

    Wow this looks like my son in Real life bruh XD

  52. Elijah Acosta

    Elijah Acosta6 bulan yang lalu

    The bowfin reminds me of a miniature wholesome dunkleosteus

  53. M's Vlogs

    M's Vlogs6 bulan yang lalu

    you should totally come to the UK if you wanna do a few segments on fish

  54. h

    h6 bulan yang lalu

    budget river monsters ig

  55. Pentagram

    Pentagram6 bulan yang lalu

    So... Big ask here, and I literally know no logistics about this request after a cursory search: Is there any aquarium on the planet that has a live Coelacanth in captivity? Doubtful but that would make for an amazing episode.

  56. Javier Gallo

    Javier Gallo6 bulan yang lalu

    Can there be an episode where you go hunting

  57. Nikita Smith

    Nikita Smith6 bulan yang lalu

    Can you come out of retirement and get bit by a spider

  58. mgerren88

    mgerren886 bulan yang lalu

    coyote that's a choupic around my way😂😂😂

  59. C. Patrick

    C. Patrick6 bulan yang lalu

    I caught one one time fishing for largemouthbass. Crushed my topwater frog, the fight was really good too. When I got it in the boat I didn’t wanna touch it because I never handled one before lol. Didn’t know it was a primitive fish but it’s kinda like a snakehead.

  60. Ivan Bonhomme

    Ivan Bonhomme6 bulan yang lalu

    The bowfin at Manitoulin island can also get up to 15 pounds

  61. Ivan Bonhomme

    Ivan Bonhomme6 bulan yang lalu

    Hey coyote if you want to catch a lot of bowfin you should head to Manitoulin island and btw the witching hour for them is at 7:00pm, you’ll get them left and right

  62. activ camo

    activ camo6 bulan yang lalu

    I love learning about animals you would never know even existed

  63. BigCFilms

    BigCFilms6 bulan yang lalu

    i catch bowfin all the time and boy do they have teeth, i catch them on my local river and you cant put your finger in its mouth

  64. The Spy149

    The Spy1496 bulan yang lalu

    Will Brave Wilderness try to find or do an episode on the Coelacanth?

  65. Chris W

    Chris W6 bulan yang lalu

    Almost like a snake head. A lot in common.

  66. Aqau Snxpez

    Aqau Snxpez6 bulan yang lalu

    What bait coyote?

  67. Cesar Wandrie

    Cesar Wandrie6 bulan yang lalu

    Also fun fact! During mating season males will get a blue mouth.


    SHEESH NICE TOES6 bulan yang lalu

    Well it looks like a catfish to me

  69. Taylor Graley

    Taylor Graley6 bulan yang lalu

    hey coyote i think i found a wolf spider in my front yard i took a video of it, i live in west virginia and i was wondering if you could contact me on instagram @tgraley123 thank you have a good day

  70. Tristan Johnston

    Tristan Johnston6 bulan yang lalu

    My dad caught one 3 feet long and thought it was a a prehistoric bass

  71. Adilene González

    Adilene González6 bulan yang lalu

    ❗ wow


    xSCHMOTZxPSYCHO6 bulan yang lalu

    Caught one of these in minnesota and it was bigger than that

  73. Alexander Mukherjee

    Alexander Mukherjee6 bulan yang lalu

    it's kind of... cute


    RUSS BOTT6 bulan yang lalu

    i remember catching them when I was teen in the Fox river , I do believe they are also called a dogfish,

  75. Thurman Leroy

    Thurman Leroy6 bulan yang lalu

    I always hook them they have never spit my bait and that’s like the smallest sized bowfin I’ve caught

  76. Salamander Anime

    Salamander Anime6 bulan yang lalu

    That laugh after he caught it was absolutely demonic

  77. Hades

    Hades6 bulan yang lalu

    Coyote colab with Jeremy wade.

  78. Random_ Gamer

    Random_ Gamer6 bulan yang lalu

    Yep thanks for no clickbait

  79. Vin AskMe?

    Vin AskMe?6 bulan yang lalu

    Look like Snakehead fish

  80. LazyScorp

    LazyScorp6 bulan yang lalu

    I wish people would stop killing these fish just because it's not what they want to catch.

  81. FLORIDABO1 904

    FLORIDABO1 9046 bulan yang lalu

    Why that fish so dam slimy ?

  82. Ava Sophie Gaming

    Ava Sophie Gaming6 bulan yang lalu

    The bowfin looks like a Eel

  83. raylan Davis

    raylan Davis6 bulan yang lalu

    A falcon that's really weird name and it's very very huge

  84. Hideki Ryuga

    Hideki Ryuga6 bulan yang lalu

    I found a spot with these and im pretty sure that I have seen some bigger than the world record size

  85. laughthis138

    laughthis1386 bulan yang lalu

    Ah good timing I caught one today too

  86. Not.gabapentin

    Not.gabapentin6 bulan yang lalu

    Wait i haven't seen this on river monsters

  87. mouw mmm

    mouw mmm6 bulan yang lalu

    Y'all catching snapping turtles? Dang the only special thing I caught was a crawfish on a spinner.

  88. Rube Singeorzan

    Rube Singeorzan7 bulan yang lalu

    True and by the way he has girl glasses

  89. Dason No

    Dason No7 bulan yang lalu

    Call me crazy... but isn’t it pretty much a snakehead fish?? Basically, has the same characteristics of a snakehead

  90. John & Evan's Fishing Adventures

    John & Evan's Fishing AdventuresHari Yang lalu

    Nope, Snakeheads are a part of a different Order taxonomically and aren't native to the US. It is important that people know that these prehistoric fish are not snakeheads because too many people kill them thinking they bring the same consequences as snakeheads.

  91. Collosal Darn

    Collosal Darn7 bulan yang lalu

    It looks like an ugly snakehead

  92. tim sweeney

    tim sweeney7 bulan yang lalu

    Im desepointed that you didn't have it as dinner for tonight😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Marshmallow girl

    Marshmallow girl7 bulan yang lalu

    I love lizards and fish and all animals

  94. Spicy Doritos

    Spicy Doritos7 bulan yang lalu

    Coyote in the 1800s: Hello, Imma hop in a pit of plague infested bodies. Ok. Lets do this!

  95. Randy Martin

    Randy Martin7 bulan yang lalu


  96. Kossolax the Foresworn

    Kossolax the Foresworn7 bulan yang lalu

    it kinda reminds me of a megamouth shark.

  97. Smilemore4g yt

    Smilemore4g yt7 bulan yang lalu

    The best bait for bowfin is any type of crawfish. And he really dramatized catching that fish. bowfin are quite common where i live

  98. Robert Anthony Bermudez

    Robert Anthony Bermudez7 bulan yang lalu

    Is that an american counterpart of the snake head here in asia?

  99. mornin

    mornin7 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine if animals shared there knowledge with other animals so that’s how they r all chill when they meet and or caught by coyote peterson

  100. Isles13

    Isles137 bulan yang lalu

    He should do a long nose gar those things can get big too

  101. TheSharkiestShark

    TheSharkiestShark7 bulan yang lalu

    2046: I'm coyote peterson and I'm about to get up close and personal with a revived megalodon. Don't do this at home.

  102. Muhammad Usman Rafique

    Muhammad Usman Rafique6 bulan yang lalu

    A damnit I really wanted to feed my megalodon

  103. Space Tacos 7

    Space Tacos 77 bulan yang lalu

    I’m Jeremy wade