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Follow along with Coyote Peterson, Mark Vins and Mario Aldecoa as they lead you on a variety of expeditions featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tiger Sharks! Every single episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

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Dare me to eat SNAKE FRUIT?
OUCH - That Must Have Hurt!


4 bulan yang lalu

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  1. Garakei

    Garakei12 jam yang lalu

    has anyone just randomly remembered this guy for no reason

  2. Ahmed Abdiqadir

    Ahmed Abdiqadir12 jam yang lalu

    The brighter the poisen gets bigger gold one is the most poiseness

  3. rainyslushii

    rainyslushii12 jam yang lalu

    "Coyote catching frogs" Me: hate frogs Also me: their so cute am gonna catch one 2 hours later "Ahhhhhhhh ew ew ew ew" Me:am never doing that again

  4. The Noobman

    The Noobman12 jam yang lalu

    Coming here after a long time. Last time I was here, you were clean shaved. Trust me you look better with beard.

  5. Ahniha Arceneaux

    Ahniha Arceneaux12 jam yang lalu

    But I don't have to worry about that I live in Jennings LA

  6. Ahniha Arceneaux

    Ahniha Arceneaux12 jam yang lalu

    I don't even want to swim

  7. Ahniha Arceneaux

    Ahniha Arceneaux12 jam yang lalu

    OMG why did you do that

  8. Karli Hinman

    Karli Hinman12 jam yang lalu

    Honestly hard to pick a favorite they were all so fascinating!! I could definitely see Kermit the frog’s 🐸 resemblance in the dwarf glass frog though

  9. Oakland Reti

    Oakland Reti13 jam yang lalu

    yr crazy brave

  10. Ahniha Arceneaux

    Ahniha Arceneaux13 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for teaching us this but why in the world would you let that thing bite you

  11. R Robi

    R Robi13 jam yang lalu

    Very few men have sexually abused that animal and lived to talk about it.

  12. WinterSnow Playz

    WinterSnow Playz13 jam yang lalu

    This man is so good at talking that snake didn’t even want to attack and just listen.

  13. Kay Shay

    Kay Shay13 jam yang lalu

    Does this guy have a death wish and hate life 😬🤭


    INFINITEFOXY FIRE13 jam yang lalu

    Me: *sees random lizard* I’ll name you dude Me 2 days later: where did dude go? I can’t find him anywhere SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS DO YOU KNOW WHERE DUDE WENT? the lizard: not even my real name 🙄 what a brat ugh when will she stop shouting *runs away as fast as possible*

  15. Daniel Pacheco

    Daniel Pacheco13 jam yang lalu


  16. Peros

    Peros13 jam yang lalu

    What I learned is I should always wear a hat.

  17. Nexxarian

    Nexxarian13 jam yang lalu

    Snake fruit: "Hey evolution can you give me pointy spikes on me so I don't get eaten by animals and have a chance to be planted one day and grow?" Evolution: "Sure fam I gotchu." Snake fruit: "Thanks, time to become a new palm tree!" Homo sapien: "Ooga booga me hungry" *peels top off with opposable thumbs* Snake fruit: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  18. No One

    No One13 jam yang lalu

    Day 3. No frog. All the leeches.

  19. Aedan Daley

    Aedan Daley13 jam yang lalu

    Not a star fish sun star

  20. Kanga Roo

    Kanga Roo13 jam yang lalu

    I know people who have mouths like that starfish....

  21. Marcy Schmidt

    Marcy Schmidt13 jam yang lalu

    It's inlove with you bro because you made it sting you bro

  22. CHECK M8

    CHECK M813 jam yang lalu

    Im not from asia and I think Durian is pretty good. But the one I had looked nothing like that. That one looks like a bad one. Spoiled. Not fair.

  23. craig k.

    craig k.13 jam yang lalu

    That was a great scavenger hunt! All of those frogs are beautiful, I think the dwarf glass frog is my favorite.

  24. Spxp

    Spxp13 jam yang lalu

    Was this posted along time ago and resposted or is this new cause I missed coyote

  25. Wild life lover

    Wild life lover13 jam yang lalu

    Love this video..

  26. 沒X2 BEAMX2

    沒X2 BEAMX213 jam yang lalu

    WA DTK. ❤️😂

  27. Bryce Cen

    Bryce Cen13 jam yang lalu

    I like the eastern diamondback

  28. vince mcreyn

    vince mcreyn13 jam yang lalu

    Yo ista kinda cute whats her @?

  29. Duder -1

    Duder -113 jam yang lalu

    I was anticipating Ilha da Queimada Grande 😕

  30. Johnny Galaxy

    Johnny Galaxy13 jam yang lalu

    Best way to handle the centipede is to NOT handle it ! :P lol

  31. Maricel Astorga

    Maricel Astorga13 jam yang lalu

    I left the channel wen i was 3 but wen i was 8 a came back

  32. Internet Rich

    Internet Rich13 jam yang lalu

    Hi I love your videos

  33. Vivek Premanath

    Vivek Premanath13 jam yang lalu

    What about scorpion !!

  34. Alex Kim

    Alex Kim13 jam yang lalu

    In my front yard I saw a yellow jacket

  35. GeneralGravy 427

    GeneralGravy 42713 jam yang lalu

    I have a leopard gecko named Pablo

  36. Nicky Stix

    Nicky Stix13 jam yang lalu

    The whales here in BC are absolutely gorgeous!

  37. Thurm Fam

    Thurm Fam13 jam yang lalu

    Coyote: aAhHahAaHa OWwW AHHHH Mark: did he get you 👁👄👁

  38. Bhalerao Traders

    Bhalerao Traders13 jam yang lalu

    Bear Grill May wd have eaten it

  39. Taylor Hennessey

    Taylor Hennessey13 jam yang lalu

    Is anybody else familiar with the lionfish because of the game Hungry Shark?......I guess its just me.....


    BEANZ YEET13 jam yang lalu

    I never watch a vid without coyote

  41. Bhalerao Traders

    Bhalerao Traders13 jam yang lalu

    14:21 I’m high 🙆🏼‍♂️

  42. Drake

    Drake14 jam yang lalu

    Pls dont die.

  43. lego champion

    lego champion14 jam yang lalu

    Oof 6:00

  44. Luke Cassa

    Luke Cassa14 jam yang lalu

    How long has he been pre-planting all the creatures he "finds"?

  45. A Random Dinosaur

    A Random Dinosaur14 jam yang lalu

    I have Arachnophobia and my friends sent me this link and my body just started shaking in the sight of that Tarantula Jesus Christ

  46. Katie Kepka

    Katie Kepka14 jam yang lalu

    (#3, #4, #5) Are my very best Fave frogs 🐸

  47. Irving Orizaba

    Irving Orizaba14 jam yang lalu

    Is that bussin cayote💅🏼💅🏼

  48. Isaac Mendoza

    Isaac Mendoza14 jam yang lalu

    Meow meow meow

  49. Abdo Sfeir

    Abdo Sfeir14 jam yang lalu

    Does it bite ?

  50. Rickadonna Campbell

    Rickadonna Campbell14 jam yang lalu

    What is that

  51. Danielle Mezher

    Danielle Mezher14 jam yang lalu

    Who was disappointed that it wasn't a snapping turtle

  52. Lor Fong

    Lor Fong14 jam yang lalu

    Your brave please stop doing this

  53. Goh Kim Hock

    Goh Kim Hock14 jam yang lalu

    why would i take a step back? i will just stomp on it ! Centipedes better dont mess with me. 👟

  54. william hewitt

    william hewitt14 jam yang lalu

    I'm suprised fire ants hurt him judging by all the other stuff

  55. •Tangerine._.Tea•

    •Tangerine._.Tea•14 jam yang lalu

    My goals today: get bitten my a water parasite, get stung my 4 colony’s of killer bees, have my toes bit by the Toe biter, get stung by fire ants. I am SO exited to do this

  56. Dustymarker 9489

    Dustymarker 948914 jam yang lalu

    Me: why would you do that Also me 2seconds later: ah yes the fire ant fun

  57. Rianna

    Rianna14 jam yang lalu

    the dwarf glass frog was so cute!!! but the splendid leaf frog made me start to cry from how cute it was, then I didn't stop crying the rest of the video because of how cute they all were.

  58. nut buster

    nut buster14 jam yang lalu

    3:22 girl when the light went out

  59. Puffer

    Puffer14 jam yang lalu

    What are you

  60. Robert Swinda

    Robert Swinda14 jam yang lalu

    Wow people just suck! That d bag Steve making that noise does absolutely nothing!! He is trained and what they are showing us is like taking cat food from a house cat.


    SCOUTART14 jam yang lalu

    That big Smokey Frog sounds like a Cat O_O 🤣

  62. Puffer

    Puffer14 jam yang lalu

    This dude probably gets kicked in the balls and laughs

  63. Elliot Robinson

    Elliot Robinson14 jam yang lalu

    Hey Coyote can you do a brown recluse bite? or is it too dangerous?

  64. Mr. Mole

    Mr. Mole14 jam yang lalu

    I love how he’s so excited to get stung lol

  65. Carolyn Davis

    Carolyn Davis14 jam yang lalu

    It looks like pain I wouldn't do that if I were you sorry coyote but it sounds kind of dangerous but I love you and and you're awesome keep it up and he heard your I will see you on the next adventure

  66. rex bacher

    rex bacher14 jam yang lalu

    Sooo who else thought that they were gonna fight

  67. Miss Dire

    Miss Dire14 jam yang lalu

    That is one majestic creature.

  68. Yashkrishna Srivastava

    Yashkrishna Srivastava14 jam yang lalu

    First I thought this was clickbait but then I saw the channel name

  69. YeeSoest

    YeeSoest14 jam yang lalu


  70. Maria Bernardino

    Maria Bernardino14 jam yang lalu

    🥺ok that’s a cute smile

  71. Benn Nainggolan

    Benn Nainggolan14 jam yang lalu

    Can someone remind him to wear extra protection if he's gonna go for a scuba dive, i don't wanna lose another legend.

  72. Michaele Sarmiento Walton

    Michaele Sarmiento Walton14 jam yang lalu

    WHAT THE FUGE!!!!!!!

  73. Michaele Sarmiento Walton

    Michaele Sarmiento Walton14 jam yang lalu


  74. Kᴏᴋɪᴄʜɪ

    Kᴏᴋɪᴄʜɪ14 jam yang lalu

    I know a animal that lives in my backyard, *A fly.*

  75. Michaele Sarmiento Walton

    Michaele Sarmiento Walton14 jam yang lalu

    ITS CREEPY & UGLY 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🦤🐿🦀🐚🍀🐭🐼🐻‍❄️🐰🐔🐮🐻🐍🦔🐥🏎⛺️🏜🔥🥚🏕

  76. Devon Jameson

    Devon Jameson14 jam yang lalu


  77. Michaele Sarmiento Walton

    Michaele Sarmiento Walton14 jam yang lalu

    WAOH A CAMP FIRE 🏕⛺️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Righteous1

    Righteous114 jam yang lalu

    Bulbasaurs and Froakies